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 Yoga Retreats in Bali


Looking to get your Om in Bali?

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May 18–24, June 11–17, Sept. 14–20, Oct. 8–14

Reiki Retreats will focus on learning Reiki 1 & 2. In level 1 you will learn how to ground, center, cleanse & protect yourself prior to Reiki practice & following your session. In level 2 you will move into a higher vibrational frequency and empower your practice through discovery and use of the 3 main symbols.


Oct. 11th-17th, 2015

Imagine seven days in a tropical paradise, guided each day to a state of deep calm by your very own sleep or yoga coach, with plenty of time to rest, read, or just relax by the pool.  You'll return home relaxed, rested and rejuvenated, with the tools and skills to sleep well in your own bed, or any other bed you wish to sleep in!

Discover your Divine Essence

June 20–26, Aug. 24–30, Sept. 24–30, Oct. 25-31

Discover your Divine Essence in Bali and Step into your Greatness!

Visit  Bali's beautiful ricefields and temples, meet balinese shamans and learn  energy healings, exercises for cleansing & strengthening your body, mind & spirit amongst the highlights of this retreat .

7 Days Yoga Meditation and Spa

ongoing retreat

This Yoga Meditation and Spa Retreat is specially designed for the individual traveller who seeks to have a Wellness experience without joining a scheduled retreat. You can choose this 7 nights experience according to your travel dates.


Our HIGHLIGHTED retreats!

Bali Yoga Retreat with Kali

June 25- July 1, 2015

The reasons to join us for this retreat are as varied as the people connecting through the experience. You will get to experience Yoga and Pilates through the skilled teachings of two brilliant instructors in a world so far removed from your daily grind, that a week might not even be enough. Join us for a colorful week of Pilates and Yoga, suitable for all levels.


Reiki Retreats 2015

Bali Holistic Yoga Retreat

June 22nd-31st, 2015

The spiritual journey to discover your-self, decrease stress levels and learn new tools to improve your lifestyle.

Join us on this exclusive spiritual adventure to the most fascinating natural and wild areas in Bali, and enjoy a retreat combination

of holistic wellness and science.

Looking to host your own retreat in Bali?


Feel free to contact us for any further details at info@YogaRetreatsinBali.com 

Join us in Bali for a very different Luxury Yoga Retreat and Getaway - renew yourself physically, mentally & spiritually. Explore the unspoiled Bali National and Marine Park, its sacred sites and temples with private boat and world-class snorkeling around the sacred island of Menjangan.



Relaxation and Sleep Retreat